The Absurdity – and Danger – of Comparing Horseracing to Football

Only a few would not agree. Saratoga Springs had 13 racehorse deaths so far this year.

Horseracing Wrongs

Thursday, the Albany (NY) Times Union ran an article entitled “What football and horse racing have in common” – football injuries, racehorse deaths (prompted, of course, by the current batch of kills at Saratoga). Inane, sure. But so very dangerous, too. First – and I can’t believe this needs repeating – the obvious (from our website):

If horseracing is a sport, then that word must be redefined, for the competitive racing of horses resembles no other accepted sport on the planet:

In what other sport are the bodies of adolescent athletes pounded into the ground?

In what other sport are the athletes typically kept confined/isolated 23 hours a day?

In what other sport are the athletes condemned to a life as (literal) chattel?

In what other sport are the athletes drugged and doped without consent?

In what other sport are the athletes whipped for motivation?

In what other sport…

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India and China Building Solar Like Gangbusters, Electric Revolution Continues as GM Sells EV for $5,300 in China, Tesla Plans 700,000 Model 3s Per Year

GM and China partnering to build EV and Tesla is building big for Chinese market. In the meantime, China outperforms in producing solar gigawatts by 2020.


If we’re going to halt destructive carbon emissions now hitting the atmosphere, then the world is going to have to swiftly stop burning oil, gas and coal. And the most effective and economic pathway for achieving this removal of harmful present and future atmospheric carbon emissions is a rapid renewable energy build-out to replace fossil fuel energy coupled by increases in energy efficiency.

(To halt and reverse climate change related damages, fossil fuel based greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere need to stop.)

This week, major advances in the present renewable energy build and introduction rate were reported. Chiefly, India and China are rapidly adding new solar panels to their grid, the monthly rate of global EV sales surpassed 100,000 in June, GM is offering a very inexpensive electrical vehicle in China, and Tesla has ramped up plans for Model 3 EV production from 500,000 vehicles per year…

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Call your Rep and Senators to defund horse meat inspections in next year’s budget.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Meat peddlers in the U.S. are happy. Why? In a word. China. While trying to put together some statistics on U.S. meat production and consumption during Meat Out for Mustangs, a meat man made this remark to Tuesday’s Horse, “The meat industry here [U.S.] could care less if the entire English speaking world […]

via U.S. Agribusiness lobbying hard for return of horse slaughter — Tuesday’s Horse

To recess or not to recess; to call or not to call

Call your Rep and Senators on behalf of wild horses and their possible demise under the current administration.

Tuesday's Horse

US Capitol Dome and Flag. US Capitol Dome and Flag. Click to donate to The Horse Fund. Thank you.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — August is typically a time when Congress adjourns for the month and lawmakers return to their constituencies — or in other words, go home.

This is not a typical Congress and August it seems will not be a typical month. Senators are probably the least likely to get out of town even though they seem hard to find except for Sen. Mitch McConnell who is probably afraid to go home.

It may not seem like a good to call. Anytime is a good time!

Offices continue to be staffed regardless of our lawmakers’ whereabouts, so please continue to call. If you cannot connect with anyone at your lawmakers’ D.C. offices, then please call them at their local office nearest you.

Look up your two U.S. Senators here »

Look up your…

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The very necessary wild horses on public lands

The latest disaster introduced by the Interior Department’s Secretary Zinke is to kill all wild horses in holding and on the public ranges.  The Secretary states that there are tens of thousands of wild horses which is grossly wrong because there may be about 15,000 wild horses on the ranges and less than 30,000 in short term and long term holding.  This we know because of the processing plant records.

Wild horses just like deer are considered pests, yet both are bred for human sport use.

Yet, what is not considered is that wild horses are of such value to the wilderness.  It is now found that they are immune to chronic wasting disease.

If people love to buy free range beef from companies that get their products from wild ranges, it’s important to consider that bovines are not immune to CWD; neither are deer.

Wild horses could once again be of great value to humans in several ways, not least of which is to find out how they became immune to CWD.  Wild horses should not be killed just because they exist.  Those in holding should be released to the empty Herd Management Areas to live out their lives.

Zinke and the Trump administration is very short sighted if they go through with their plans of killing our icons of the West – the wild horses.






19 (Dead) Reasons to Boycott Saratoga This Summer

Horse racing’s victims.

Horseracing Wrongs

Last summer, 17 racehorses died, or were euthanized due to injuries suffered, while racing or training at Saratoga Race Course:

Hadeed Fi Hadeed, May 30, training
Squire Creek, July 16, training
Stradivari, July 22, training (euthanized December)
Zamjara, July 23, race 1
Rootformejustin, July 23, race 5
Indian Nobility, July 27, race 3
Domestic Warrior, August 1, race 4
Jonrah, August 3, training
Wheels Up Now, August 5, training
Recepta, August 5, training (euthanized November)
Prince Corredor, August 20, training
Elusive Neko, August 24, training
Bob Le Beau, August 25, race 1
Ring of Truth, August 25, race 10
Desert Trial, August 28, training
Its Only Fair, September 9, training
Core Competency, September 19, training

In addition, two other still-very-much-active “athletes” perished on track grounds from what the industry refers to as “non-racing” causes:

Lebowski, August 2, “found dead outside stall”
Midnight Visitor, August 4, prior to race 4, “reared…

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