The very necessary wild horses on public lands

The latest disaster introduced by the Interior Department’s Secretary Zinke is to kill all wild horses in holding and on the public ranges.  The Secretary states that there are tens of thousands of wild horses which is grossly wrong because there may be about 15,000 wild horses on the ranges and less than 30,000 in short term and long term holding.  This we know because of the processing plant records.

Wild horses just like deer are considered pests, yet both are bred for human sport use.

Yet, what is not considered is that wild horses are of such value to the wilderness.  It is now found that they are immune to chronic wasting disease.

If people love to buy free range beef from companies that get their products from wild ranges, it’s important to consider that bovines are not immune to CWD; neither are deer.

Wild horses could once again be of great value to humans in several ways, not least of which is to find out how they became immune to CWD.  Wild horses should not be killed just because they exist.  Those in holding should be released to the empty Herd Management Areas to live out their lives.

Zinke and the Trump administration is very short sighted if they go through with their plans of killing our icons of the West – the wild horses.







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