It’s almost summer time

A wonderful time to nature watch in the woods.

If you like to spend time outside over the summer, you know that you always need to check your body for ticks.

Ticks, which are small arachnids (like spiders), live by feeding on the blood of other animals, including humans.

These tiny bugs, which are often no larger than the head of a pin, can cause serious damage when they make themselves at home on animals or humans.

Ticks can spread a variety of diseases. The most notorious is Lyme disease, but ticks can also spread Powassan disease and many other serious illnesses.

The best way to avoid these problems is to avoid ticks altogether by using bug repellents and thick clothing, but obviously these methods aren’t foolproof.

If you do find a tick on yourself, a family member, or a pet, it’s important to know how to remove a tick properly in order to avoid some detrimental problems.

Read the guidelines below to find out exactly how you should — and shouldn’t — remove a tick.


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