UD township deer count and lethal control.

The township contracted with the USDA, Wildlife Services for a deer count of our animals about a year ago.  This count is ready and will be delivered to the township the week of April 24, 2017.  They will give a plan to deal with the deer which is usually a lethal way of reducing the number of animals.  The township also got a “sharp shooting” permit last year.

Considering that the City of Philadelphia has paid out about $420,000 since 1999 to control the number of deer in the Fairmount Park district of about 13 square miles, this is a very expensive way of reducing animals aside of being very cruel.

Only in the movies does a kill happen instantaneously.   Normal people cannot bear the suffering that happens immediately after a shot that has been documented as long as 20 minutes.  Some deer in Wills County, IL have to be suffocated in order to kill them.

Do we really want this to happen in Upper Dublin?   Do you want an open air slaughterhouse within our neighborhoods?  Please call your commissioners to  protest the impending sharpshooting of Upper Dublin deer.  There are better ways of dealing with deer than by killing them.





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