Vegan Lifestyle Becoming More Common

Vegan food is good.

Exposing the Big Game

 A vegan diet used to be a foreign concept for the regular American in a regular household. It was more of the lifestyle someone who decided to move to the woods and be in hiatus  of the world would adapt. However, the picture has changed over the years.

And now a change of diet may be absolutely necessary in protecting the planet from Greenhouse Emissions causing global warming, according to some experts.

Vegans now have countless food options and information available. Restaurants often have at least a vegan section and there is even vegan options for products other than food. It is fairly easy to have a full and healthy vegan lifestyle today.

But what does it mean to be vegan? And why would someone chose this lifestyle?

According to PETA, “a vegan (strict vegetarian) does not consume meat, diary…

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