Call your State Rep to stop PA HB 71

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives is considering House Bill (H.B.) 71, which seeks to allow bowhunting of deer on Sundays—a practice that’s currently prohibited. Hunting is unnecessary for subsistence, and bowhunting is among the cruelest forms of killing. Bowhunters often spend hours tracking the blood trails of wounded animals, and many victims eventually succumb unseen to their injuries. Families are torn apart, and orphaned young are left to starve. Furthermore, reports of wounded deer careening wildly onto busy roadways or stumbling into neighborhoods are not uncommon. Killing also backfires because the resultant spike in the food supply accelerates breeding among survivors and inevitable newcomers. Your voice is desperately needed to help block this proposed legislation.

The bill currently sits with the Game & Fisheries Committee. Please copy and paste the e-mail addresses below into the “To” field in your e-mail browser, then urge the committee members to vote no on H.B. 71:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Thank you for your compassion for animals—and please forward this message to your friends and family! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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