End deer bow hunt today


Above – A tree stand at Pine Run Park that will have to come down.  Notice there is no safety rope for hunters’ safety. It’s a grave danger for any 10 year old who wants to climb too!

Today is the last day for bow hunting deer in Upper Dublin Township!  Finally – we’ve made it to the last day of the deer hunting season.

As of mid-November 2016, 28 deer were killed by hunters.  124 deer related calls to police were made in 2016 vs. 114 deer related calls to police in 2015.

According to records, as of mid November 2016, there were:

32 vehicle crashes vs 24 vehicle crashes in 2015

54 deer struck          vs 29 deer struck in 2015

37 deer problems     vs 52 deer problems in 2015

1 misc.                          vs 9 misc. calls in 2015

124 calls                       vs 114 calls to police in 2015

Has anyone thought of slowing down when driving especially in the night? Penn Dot says the speed limits are set by the township police in conjunction with the township commissioners.

It’s time the township stopped posting highway speeds in residential areas such as Dreshertown Road, Limekiln Pike, Susquehanna Road, Bethlehem Pike and other places in the township. The very same roads post speed limits 10 miles lower in other townships such as Horsham and Abington than Upper Dublin.

Unfortunately, the fact that autos of various dealerships are test driven all over the township by whoever wants to see if there’s a kick to the car, doesn’t help either.

Secondly, we are awaiting the death knell for our township deer being handed down from the USDA APHIS that the township hired to count the deer in Upper Dublin along with a plan to sharp shoot them. Our forward looking commissioners also got a sharp shooting permit last June. The USDA plan will come in February or March.

There is plenty of evidence that sharp shooting deer does NOT reduce deer populations but costs the townships a lot of money which will be re-ordered yearly.

The annual slaughter of the deer of the Fairmount Park System has been going on for 17 years with over 3,100 deer killed and costing the City of Philadelphia over $402,000. This has not worked.

In addition, the USDA uses lead bullets that breakup on impact and spread throughout the body of the deer. Donating lead contaminated deer meat to food banks does the people who rely on food absolutely no good. In fact, pregnant women and young children may become seriously ill with children having lower IQs.

Please call your commissioners.  Tell them that vehicle speed limits should be lowered in the township. Also, please tell them that sharp shooting deer in the township is dangerous, harmful and unwarranted.   They should not go through with sharp shooting deer, as non-lethal methods work well.   215 643-1600.


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