Yellowstone…., (before Trump)

“The New Year will bring a new President, one that has never tasted wildness. Likely never hiked or camped or skied in this place called Yellowstone. His ideas, his morals do not seem to seek out good or shared inheritance, rather they are pulled like gravity towards self-fulfillment, delusion and enrichment.”

Exposing the Big Game

Stephen Capra

There is a place where wolves and bears spend time together. It is a land that still holds in its heart wildness. It is a large protected landscape, where rivers flow strong and thermal features boil and bubble to the surface and geysers send their scalding fury skyward. This is a land of grizzlies, wolves, bighorn sheep and bison. It is a place overrun by tourism in the heat of summer and a vast wilderness surveyed in the stark cold of a December morning. It is managed by humans and its history, not surprisingly, is pockmarked by some very serious collective failings.

But in these days before we begin the Trump Administration, it is perhaps important to remember what good people, with character and foresight can give to a nation, to the world. Yellowstone was and remains that vision, that gift; and if you have ever had theā€¦

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