Bow Hunting Deer is coming to a Pause


Those deer that survived the Upper Dublin bow hunt can rest for a short time from right after Thanksgiving to December 26. At least humans can safely walk in our woods along with furry four legged creatures.  The following was written by an astute lady to the Editor of the Ambler Gazette regarding the efficiency, decency and morality of bow hunting deer:

To the Editor:

I read with concern and disgust the letter on bow hunting in Upper Dublin, Montgomery County (Ambler Gazette, Sept. 26, 2016). It’s “exciting and enjoyable,” as described in PA Game News (February 2008). Imagine that. Killing, it seems, is part of America’s DNA. Hunting satisfies a compulsive need to kill animals. A New Hampshire game warden who gave up hunting called it an uncontrollable obsession, even a disease. Clearly, there’s some psychological disconnect when so much aggression and violence is expressed toward animals.

Especially troubling are deer who are maimed, mutilated and crippled. A great many are never retrieved, lingering in agony for days or weeks until death brings merciful relief. Arrows designed for “devastating penetration” can shred flesh and pummel the skeletal structure. Wounding is the most denied problem in bow hunting. There are no less than 24 studies and videotapes which together provide stinging indictments of this barbaric pursuit. It’s been called the ultimate evil.

Our state wildlife agency, the PA Game Commission (PGC), sets policy affecting deer. Deer are farmed as “crops” for amusement and profit. Hunting is a business, the business of propagating deer into a huntable species for hunter satisfaction. PGC biologists practice economics, not science. They’re at the hunters’ beck and call. More than ever, respected ecologists and biologists have come out saying that killing deer is unnecessary and biologically unsound. Those weighing in have included:

1. Mark McCullough, wildlife biologist: “Bow hunting is barbaric.”

2. Marc Bekoff, cognitive ethologist: “Bow hunting is ethically indefensible.”

3. Tom Beissel, wildlife biologist: “Bow hunting has never been an effective tool for deer control.”

4. Horace Gore, wildlife biologist: “Bow hunting is entirely for recreation.”

5. Catherine L. Wolfe, wildlife biologist: “Bow hunting inflates the deer population.”

Where are the facts and studies to support claims of a too high deer density in Upper Dublin? Statements are not facts. They are not arguments. They are not proof of anything. Show proof. The often used term “overabundant” is not a scientific term and does not mean that deer have exceeded their biological carrying capacity (BCC). The term is used to justify a hunt. If the deer are at or near their BCC, there’s no justification for killing them.

The killing of deer has been one of scapegoating and persecution at the hands of those who have hated and maligned them. Tragically, deer have been framed, prosecuted, found guilty and condemned to death without due process. This legally protected violence against deer is self-perpetuating. Eradicating this evil is long-overdue. Speak out. Silence is not an option. Be forewarned: Philadelphia Advocates for the Deer (PAD) would like you to know that community-based deer killing programs are on the increase.

Bridget Irons



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