The Magnificent Seven

Wild horses at Piceance, HMA in Colorado. Beautifully colorful creatures seen for about 2 minutes. The band stallion didn’t miss a beat as he moved at full speed down the hill after his band.  Terrific pictures shared —  thank you Pam Nickoles.

Pam Nickoles Photography

We had a fun encounter a couple of weekends ago at Piceance with some horses that we seldom see. Tom, Malakai and I were hiking a ridgeline and had just turned around to go back to the Jeep. I was a little ways down the slope of the ridge, trying to get a photo of Malakai from a different perspective when I noticed something had his attention. Tom noticed too and as we turned to our left, we saw a group of horses running down the ridgeline directly towards us. Surprisingly, we didn’t hear them at all. We saw them and they saw us at about the same time. Without missing a step, the lead mare veered off the ridge and down the slope with the others close behind. I was glad I had my camera with me so I could share this encounter with others. 😉

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