Not in the business of pushing autos but…


Those who want to avoid hitting a large animal will like these features:

Volvo S90/V90 Large Animal Detection

No, this is not a high-tech mobile gadget to help hunters locate game, rather it’s a new safety system available in the Volvo S90 sedan and V90 wagon that can help motorists avoid hitting deer, elk and other animals in their paths. An extension of the automaker’s City Safety system that will automatically brake to avoid colliding with other cars, pedestrians, and bicyclists at slower speeds, it can identify large animals who are standing alongside the road or slowly walking across it, warn the driver, and apply the brakes if necessary to avoid a carrion catastrophe.  To make everything better, the available T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid power-train is expected to deliver 410 horsepower alongside excellent efficiency…..


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