Bits have been used to control horses for thousands of years, and it’s not necessary.

Happy Horses Bitless Bridles

I believe it is not necessary to use a bit to communicate effectively and safely with horses. I have been riding and teaching in cross-under bitless bridles for over 10 years now and have experienced many situations in the saddle that showed me with absolute certainty that I have more control in a bitless bridle than with a bit. Horses are flight animals, when we inflict pain on them while we ride we set up a cycle of fear where the horse is afraid the human will hurt them, and vice versa. When the bit is removed the shadows from this experience evaporate and a whole new reality emerges.

The amount of people I talk to who admit they are afraid of their horses is shocking. That we allow and accept such a situation is sad and unnecessary. Because the bit creates a fighting, fearful headspace in the horseā€¦

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