Trophy Hunting Deserves the Attention it Does Not Want

We have trophy hunters who kill deer for their antlers and donate the flesh to food banks. Using firearms most likely use lead bullets riddling the body with lead fragments. Lead poisoning damages the brain and is very toxic leading food banks and shelters to pull lead-tainted venison from their shelves. More than 2.5 million pounds of game meat or 10 million meals most shot with lead ammunition is donated annually in the U.S.

Exposing the Big Game

11825758_10153384818490861_9149004585855556291_n> Born Free USA Canadian Blog by Barry Kent MacKay 07 Aug 2015

As most folks now know, after suffering for 40 hours, wounded by an arrow, an African lion given the name “Cecil” was shot again—this time fatally—with a rifle.

His tormentor was a dentist named Walter Palmer, from Minnesota, who had paid tens of thousands of dollars, travelling to distant Zimbabwe to kill animals: something he admits he loves to do. Cecil had been lured from a national park, which is illegal to do in Zimbabwe.

And, the world took note. Cecil was wearing a radio tracking collar. His body was skinned, the head removed.

Palmer’s guide was charged with poaching and so was the owner of the ranch where this outrage occurred.

Now, Zimbabwe wants to extradite Palmer from the U.S. to face similar charges. Palmer has been the subject of outrage, all the more so…

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