Pesticide PZP — TRUTH!

Wild horses and deer have a lot in common. Both are considered pests, the government in case of wild horses sells them to slaughter. Deer are persecuted by local governments. Both have predators, less than 50% of the young survive to the fall season, populations only grow about 5%, they both are treated with PZP to halt reproduction and sterilize them.  Those in charge are grossly inflating their numbers and exaggerating the supposed damage they do. Instead, they both belong in the wild to live free.

Photojournalist - Journalist

010“The truth evades the Bureau of Land Management always, and the title nothing more that an oxymoron = Truth!  But the fact is, management is not what they do at the BLM, no, they are ranchers, despite the Taylor Grazing Act’s attempts to not place ranchers and their special interests in place within a management capacity to oversee America’s Public Lands via a government agency.  So when it was not dismantled after WWII, as the Laws provided, the special interests assimilated into the BLM – A very Corrupt government agency with nothing more than ranchers’ interests in mind!”  — John Cox

So without further statement from myself, I think the following information very significant to acknowledge, and for everyone to know — Marybeth is extraordinary at making difficult items easy to understand, so off we go into the truth of the Pesticide known as PZP — and nothing but the truth.

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