Deer of Upper Dublin September 2016


Bad news for Upper Dublin and Upper Dublin Deer as deer bow hunting in PA will start Saturday, September 17, for area 5D.

We had 6 approved properties for 7 years, now there are 10, excluding Mondauk Woods.

In Robbins Park, about 4 deer were seen last spring. It’s disgusting that shooting will happen where our school children go to be in wonderment of nature.

So who knows how many will be killed this season with more guys hunting on more properties.

When the USDA does the evaluation ( perhaps this winter but don’t know), I’m fairly certain the township commissioners will go for it.  No costs are spared in their hatred of white tailed deer.

It seems challenging the “gods” of UD wasn’t a good idea after all. But the development they’re planning would have harassed the deer away regardless.

City of Philadelphia’s payments to the USDA for deer kills in Fairmount Park beginning in 2001 through 2016 total $408,566.90 with around 3,100 deer killed.

The open spaces where armed men will be killing deer are:

Aidenn Lair Woods
Camphill & Highland Athletic Complex (PWF)
Dillon Road Woodlands
Dublin Chase & Dublin Hunt Open Space
Pine Run Park
Robbins Park (RP-M)
Rose Valley Preserve
Sandy Run Park
Susquehanna Woods

Don’t go near these spaces during the weekdays or on Saturdays from September 17 to Nov. 26 and December 26 – January 28, 2017.  The ones in charge say you won’t be shot because you don’t look like a deer, but who knows.  A hunting buddy of someone in Oregon got an arrow in the stomach and died.  That’s why it’s called an accident — actually, the hunter/killer was charged.


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