The month of September is always good to look forward to.  The blistering heat of August eventually subsides.  Kids are eager for a change and are off to school where friendly teachers have worked hard to welcome students to the classrooms.

So then what is wrong about this month?  Why do township residents dread this month?  After all, this month should be one where everyone wants to make a change.

However, Upper Dublin township leadership still refuses to face the fact that we do not have the vast hordes of deer that a few people want you to believe.

In 2015, there were  114 deer related “incidents” where calls to police were made.

Of these, 52 calls were for an “animal problem”.   What does this mean? Were these deer standing and grazing?  Deer are skittish and will bolt at seeing a human.

29 animals were struck.

24 vehicles were crashed.  — Where were the deer?  Deer tend to be blamed for various reasons including driver distraction,  previous drinking, fatigue and speeding.

9 were calls for miscellaneous reasons.

Once again, it is unclear whether there were any human injuries except for no human fatalities. It is unclear how fast the vehicles were moving, the time of day/night the crashes occurred.  What does the 9 calls for miscellaneous reasons mean?

We need to know the total motor vehicle collisions for Upper Dublin.

We need a better breakdown of these numbers to assess if there is truly a deer problem in Upper Dublin or “problem” drivers.

The speeds permitted on side roads as well as main roads are not permitted on the same continuous roads in adjacent townships.

We need better oversight of speeding vehicles and lower speed limits at least dusk to dawn if the township wants to truly alleviate the deer/car collisions.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission designated the deer archery season for WMU 2B, 5C and 5D to begin September 17 to November 26, and December 26 to January 28, 2017.  — Oh happy days!!




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