Urge Hillary Clinton to remove Salazar from her transition team

Former Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar, started the policy of helicopter round ups of wild horses who lived peacefully on public lands created by Congress in 1971, and put them into cattle holding facilities.  These beautiful wild horses who belong to U.S. citizens  have been designated for destruction by the Bureau of Land Management Advisory Board.  Please call your representatives to stop any action to destroy these wild horses.  Instead, they should live their lives out on public lands as mandated by Congress under the Free Roam Act of 1971.

Exposing the Big Game

Voters for Environmental Protection and Wildlife Conservation
 see: Change.org

Salazar is a bad choice for wildlife and the environment
Hillary Clinton has picked former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to head her transition team preparing for her Presidency if she wins. The transition team is a small group of advisors responsible for setting the groundwork for important decisions, which includes selecting executive branch appointments. As the former head of the Interior Department, Salazar is sure to have a great deal of influence on the selection of the next Secretary of the Interior and other positions with wildlife and environmental responsibilities. Therefore, the people making these decisions would be very likely to have positions, opinions, and loyalties similar to those of Salazar himself.

This is very bad news for wildlife and the environment. Salazar’s actions and statements reveal a strong bias against wildlife and protection of natural resources and in…

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