Using arrows to kill their trophies


August 10 is World Lions’ Day.  It’s a day to remember Cecil and to work to get “Cecil’s Law passed in Connecticut and New York next year and to introduce in other key states that are hubs for the “trophies” of lions entering the United States.

Cecil’s Law, named after the African lion, Cecil,  who lived in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, was lured from the protected park to be shot and killed by American trophy hunter, Walter Palmer, and was drafted by Friends of Animals. Cecil’s Law would ban the importation, possession, sale or transportation of the African elephant, lion, leopard, and black and white rhinos or their body parts—all threatened and endangered species. It will not criminalize any people who own or sell ivory. Ivory and ivory products that are otherwise legal to possess…. the goal is to end the importation into the U.S. of trophy-hunted animals by 2020…”


Is the above picture, of another lion not Cecil, really something to smile about as Palmer is doing?

Cecil was injured by Palmer’s arrow after he was lured out of the animal park.  Eleven  hours later Palmer killed Cecil with a second arrow just so the Minneapolis dentist could set a record of killing a lion with a bow.  “If a rifle was used, he would lose his record.  That’s the perversity of that, he would let Cecil lie wounded for 11 hours so he could have good daylight and get a clean shot with the bow so he could get his record” .

Now that we’re in the dog days of August, it’s important to note that Upper Dublin deer have been injured and killed with arrows for the last 7 years.  Are deer hunters again being vetted by UD for the bow hunting season that starts mid-September and goes to the end of January?  Is there any difference from killing Cecil with arrows to killing Upper Dublin deer the same way?

As a point of information, Cheltenham Township OK’d deer hunting with arrows.  ADM is supposed to do the killing.






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