Valley Green, Wissahickon Valley Park


“Wissahickon Valley Park Trail (Forbidden Drive) follows the creek of the same name through the entire length of the park. The ominous sounding Forbidden Drive was so named because in the 1920s cars were banned from it. Today, it’s open to pedestrians, equestrians and cyclists.
The park includes many interesting historical features, especially interesting old homes owned by notable locals.

The park has other trails; however, note that equestrians and cyclists wishing to use them must secure an annual permit from the Philadelphia’s park system. Otherwise, no permit is required for the Forbidden Drive.”

Unfortunately, the park is one of five that is closed on certain days in the Fall/Winter  because  the Fairmount Park District chooses to kill its cervid residents and those that stumble into vacated spaces.   Since 2001 to 2016, the USDA’s APHIS Wildlife Manager, Gino D’Angelo has killed nearly 3,200 deer.

Last season, the deer killed in 3 out of 5 parks targeted in the Fairmount Park System doubled December 2015 through March 2016.

This begs the question — why is the City paying so much for a killing program that doesn’t work?  Secondly, where are these deer coming from if the USDA reduced their numbers so drastically each year?

In 1999, only 159 deer were observed in Wissahickon Valley Park, and the City reduced the population  with an average deer kill of 142 according to an article in 2013.    Now they want the deer population to be 10/sq. mi., or about 30 deer in the 3.2 sq. mi. park.  Don’t those in power think about possible birth defects due to such low population numbers?  They have killed nearly 43 fold and are still not satisfied.  They need to explain.




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