Deer Resistant Plants

Many times the first objection people have to deer is that they nibble on their $30 plants that, hopefully in time, will grow into a strong backbone of the garden.  Not many people have taken to living behind 8 ft fences unless they grow veggies and gorgeous tomatoes. However, I’ve seen my squirrel indulge in my pot grown tomatoes with exuberance just as he rolled with delight in my crocuses in many early springs.  The squirrel is in a better place now, but his kids still get to my tomatoes — I’ve seen them last summer.  So you can’t blame the deer for all the damage!

deer-resistant-plants-2While no plant is ever guaranteed deer proof because of all those variables, e.g., the place where one lives, the season of year, whether we’ve had drought or deluge, winter snows or summer heat, the availability of acorns, apples, fall forbs or spring forbs not eaten by domestic animals or had any adverse affects of planet alignments, still many plants can be considered deer resistant.  Deer will not do well in areas where they have to compete with elk or cows, because they prefer to browse small wild flowers, we consider weeds, growing in the fields or low lying bushes.  They are not grass eaters like elk or cows either. Yes, they have been known to get into the farmer’s corn field at night along with other furry creatures and sleep in the tall grass during the day.  The PA Game Commission gives help to farmers affected by deer antics. But gardening not farming is my thing. So, here is a partial list of plants not liked by deer taken from
“for native-plant enthusiasts:



Lady Bird Johnson WildflowerCenter ”  click on your state.





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