Why we’re asking UD commissioners to suspend the 2016/2017 deer hunt.


 Please join your neighbors, Tuesday, June 7, 2016, to advise our commissioners of our disapproval of the deer management program. The program is dangerous, costly and ineffective for these reasons and more:

. UDT residents had no opportunity to vote on the “pilot” program in 2009.

. Use of archery to destroy deer is slow, ineffective and achieves low numbers.

. Police metrics show deer related calls to police increasing not decreasing.

. Hunter fell from his tree stand in UDT open space in 2010 and is paralyzed.

. Unattended tree stands are hazardous for inquisitive children.

. Hunting increases deer/car collisions per insurance companies.

. Hunts are not in controlled environments; people permitted to walk during hunts.

. Hunts are in open spaces and near elementary schools.

. Hunts are semester long, Mon–Sat, Mid-September through January 6 days/week.

. School children and adults found hunters’ arrows.

. Injured deer bled out on private property on Wynnemoor Way upsetting children.

. A hunter seen in a tree stand could result in reduced real estate prices or lost sales.

. Hunts occur near family-oriented neighborhoods including on New Years Day.

See you Tuesday, June 7, at 7 p.m. in the Upper Dublin Township Building



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