UD Commissioners ask the existing archery deer hunt be tweaked

The Commissioners have asked that we suggest ways to improve the existing archery deer hunt in the township.  We oblige with the following ideas:

  • Archery hunting which can reach at least 47 yards away needs to be 150 yards away from any structure, walkway, walking trail or road.
  • Hunting may not be conducted from open spaces if the space is adjacent, across from residences or near any school.
  • Tree stand ladders have to be pulled up from the ground so a child or teen cannot reach the ladder to climb it and have a catastrophic accident.
  • The hunt can only be conducted at dawn or dusk and not during the day when deer are hiding.
  • Hunts can only be conducted Monday through Friday and not on any holiday falling during the week or Saturday and Sunday.
  • Hunts can only be conducted in the month of January to avoid the rutting season and doubling or tripling the odds of deer/car collisions.
  • Non-lethal means to discourage deer need to be instituted and followed by the township, such as planting native plants disliked by deer.
  • We are not endorsing any birth control like PZP, classified by EPA as a pesticide, or any chemical form of sterilization, because it is ineffective, extends the rutting season by 50 days, residue remains in deer meat, causes extreme stress to the deer and is excessively costly to the township.
  • Deer meat should never be donated to soup kitchens because of possible toxic contamination.


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