One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Deer have been on the North American tectonic plate for at least 10 million years.  They originally came from Asia, but so long ago that they are certainly “native” to North America.  They contributed to ecological evolution, development and animal welfare and health.

The benefits of the deer in our forests:
An “expert” is needed to explain the benefits of deer in open spaces/forests and positively affecting plant and animal diversity ( )
Snakes, Salamanders and other creatures thrive in areas with high deer populations.   “We need to be aware of what’s happening in these forest ecosystems. Culling deer may cascade into affecting plants, salamanders, and other creatures in ways we can’t even imagine. So before we start removing deer we should study what’s really happening in these areas because there are a whole host of other issues that go along with culling,Think that small reptiles eat mosquito eggs.  They might help mitigate the mosquitos carrying the Zika virus.

Regarding the highly drummed up report that deer are such carriers of Lyme disease, they might be carriers of the black legged tick that is infected, but so can other mammals just as well.  Abington Hospital has an extensive report on how to avoid the black-legged tick and possible accompanying Lyme disease,






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