We will gather for the meeting of the Public Safety and Works committee on June 7, 2016, at 7 p.m. in the Township Building on Loch Alsh Avenue to discuss the current deer management program, what it means for the township and the future of the program itself.

Many of us know one good way to reduce deer/human conflict in the suburbs is to choose native plants that are marked deer resistant. Well positioned fencing that is over 6 feet high will keep them out of yards. Taking away habitat will reduce the number of deer, and they will migrate away. “In reality, deer expand their groups as far as shelter and food allows, not further. They will even absorb their unborn offspring into their own bodies; evolution has tuned their natural birth control that finely.” – See more at: http://www.friendsofanimals.org/magazine/spring-2009/movement-watch-special-issue#sthash.jFcARKBY.dpuf

Penn State has lists of plants, trees and shrubs ignored by deer in gardens whether they are for homes, the municipality or forests.  Please take a look at  http://extension.psu.edu/plants/gardening/fact-sheets/general-gardening/deer-resistant-plants

Some in frustration have said that they’ve done everything and yet the deer still browse their evergreen trees in the winter and have damaged the trees to no avail.  First, it’s important to consider that deer will browse on white pine but usually leave other evergreens alone. Secondly, is it possible to fence the tree? Thirdly, is the snow deep around the tree and may cause winter burn.  Lastly, did anyone see the deer doing their nibbling and make noise to scatter him away?  Deer are very skittish.

Another good way to reduce deer/human conflict is to reduce your speed when driving especially at dusk and right before dawn. That’s when deer are most active and may step onto the road unaware that you’re coming.  The month of November comes in first for deer/car collisions and insurance claims due to hunting and the mating season.  October is the second and December is third according to State Farm Insurance. https://www.statefarm.com/about-us/newsroom/2015/09/14/deer-collision-data












One thought on “Deer of Upper Dublin

  1. During the May BOC meeting, UD commissioners heard a resident say she saw 12 deer in her yard that day. Think about it, a dozen deer seen in a single instant of time. Twelve deer is almost 50% of what UD culls in a four month hunting season. If anyone thinks such a poultry cull makes an impact on the herd is gravely mistaken. I think the overall size of the Upper Dublin herd is around 300 or 400. Deer hunting in Upper Dublin is a total waste of time and money and residents resent it. The program should be stopped. I live across from Mondauk Woods since 1981. We had deer then and we have them now. Some years more and some less. We were never overrun by them. UD’s own report of police calls to deer related incidents shows a rise each year since 2011. That clearly proves culling is a colossal waste of time.

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